Harness & Cable 連接線類
We produce various cables & wire Harness sush as: USB, RCA, Sega and IBM PC Applicable with harness of 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm etc. connectors.
SH (Pitch 1.0mm)
SHD (Pitch 1.0mm)
TX (Pitch 1.25mm)
ZH (Pitch 1.5mm)
PH (Pitch 2.0mm)
PHD (Pitch 2.0mm)
SAN (Pitch 2.0mm)
SJN (Pitch 2.0mm)
IDC2.0 (Pitch 2.0mm)
EH (Pitch 2.5mm)
XH (Pitch 2.5mm)
SCN (Pitch 2.5mm)
IDC2.54 (Pitch 2.54mm)
VH (Pitch 3.96mm)
3.96 (Pitch 3.96mm)
USB Cable
Mini Din Cable
3.5 Audio Cable
RCA Cable